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HEY MOM: where shopping for children’s vitamins is just a click away


Hey Moms! Did you know that vitamins for children and other pediatric care staples can be purchased online?

Hey Mom is an online shopping portal which busy moms can benefit from. Imagine, no queuing, no waiting, no time wasted inquiring about each item’s prices and their stock availability.  Among the brands for children which they carry are Ceelin, Allerkid, Nutroplex, Growee, Trisopure Baby Wash,  etc. Adult vitamins, medicines and other healthcare needs can also be purchased from the website.

Below are the reasons why I like shopping via Hey Mom: 

1. Convenience

Hey Mom puts the convenience into my shopping experience. In bed and already in my pajamas, there I was clicking away putting items into my cart. I was done in less than 10 minutes! Amazing how I can shop anytime, anywhere! While at it, I can even rummage through our medicine cabinet to check which items we are running low of.  Shopping for vitamins has never been this convenient.

2. Competitive Prices

One of the perks of shopping online is that that you can get better prices because most of the products are from the manufacturers. There’s no middleman involved hence you can do away with the extra costs and fees.

I’m of those moms who stacks receipts from drugstores in case there’s a need to return them. After making a price comparison between Hey Mom and that of a leading drugstore, I found out that Hey Mom is still a few pesos cheaper.

3. Savings

Whenever I do a quick errand to the drugstore, I get on the car and or commute whichever works at that time. After making it to the drugstore, I would be most of the time lured to check out the other stores nearby and would end up with more shopping bags than what I originally planned. When I get hungry, I would grab a bite before heading back at home.

What then do I get to save on when I do my shopping online? Transport costs (gas and or fare), impulsive shopping expenses, and meals. When you factor all of these, you can actually save a lot when you do your shopping online.

4. No heavy load to carry

If you’re like me who is always with a heavy bag which I carry around (I sometimes bring a GO bag in case of emergency), additional purchases would mean extrabaggage weight. Shopping via Hey Mom would no longer entail having to carry home bottles of vitamins for Riri which tend to be heavy and can sometimes take a toll on my back.

How to get started with Hey Mom in 3 easy steps:

1.  You need to setup an account with Hey Mom for you to be able to do your transaction. Go to the website and register.

Here is the url of Hey Mom:

And this is where you shop:



2. Now that you have account with Hey Mom, log in using your credentials. Go to the ‘Shop’ tab and select the items to add to your cart.


Save more by getting the kiddie bundles.


3.  Check out. Provide the relevant information required.


Payment options available are Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, Credit Card and Debit Card. Shipping and handling costs apply.

And that’s it! You’re done. Wait for the sms confirmation. You can track the status of your shipment by clicking on the Express Tracker section.


It took 2 days for my parcel to arrive.


Other website features:

It is interesting to note that Hey Mom is not merely an online store but also a resource site. It has sections on Expecting, New and Experienced Moms.


There’s even one on forums. You can even personalize the look and feel of the website by selecting the categories which appeal to you the most.


Hey Mom also makes it easier for you to shop by category.


Riri enjoys taking her Ceelin drops everyday after having her breakfast. I grew up taking Ceelin, too. Glad to see this brand is still around. It is one of the brands I trust. This was what her pediatrician recommended, too.


My Hey Mom Shopping Experience

It was the first time this millennial mom has purchased vitamins from Hey Mom and was impressed with how user-friendly the website features are – from the registration, to the selection of items to be placed on the cart and checking out.

Gone are the days where online shopping are limited to clothing, shoes, and even makeup.  Those times, you have to wait for a month or so if the items are coming from abroad. I remember waiting for a balikbayan box full of baby apparel which ended up already too small for Riri when it arrived at our doorstep. Those are the days when online shopping may not necessarily mean being convenient.

Things are better these days. You can even buy almost everything online – fresh produce, dairy products, baked goodies, diapers and with a same-day delivery option at that! How the times have changed!

I had a very satisfactory experience with Hey Mom and would recommend it to other moms who are into online shopping and to those who want to give online shopping a try.

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