Product Review

Why Sanosan baby care oil is perfect for your little human


1. Paraben-free
2. Free of preservatives
3. No paraffin oils
4. Colorant-free
5. Hypoallergenic
6. Clinically-tested
7. Good for all skin-types
8. Made from olive, sunflower and almond oil

And as with all Sanosan products, it is gentle enough for use even on sensitive skin.

I use it to moisturize Riri’s bum area and in giving her massages before she sleeps. A massage is a good way to promote bonding time. Ever heard of the “I Love You Baby” massage technique? I’ve learned it in one of the classes and it has been an efficient way in establishing our bedtime routine.

I use this baby oil as my makeup remover, too.  Who said baby oil is just for babies?


This versatile and affordable baby product is available at at Lazada, Baby Company, Kids Company, SM Department stores and other leading department stores.

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