The Momma Club X Martine de Luna: Social Media and Small Biz Branding Workshop

Social Media has changed the way we do things and motherhood is not an exception. Moms these days do not only look after their homes – they go chasing after their own dreams and turn them into reality. This is why there is a growing number of mompreneurs who are making a profit by selling their good and services online.

How then do you bring your brand out there and grow it while taking advantage of the various social media platforms available?

Back in 2010, when social media is still unheard of, Martine De Luna, then a work-at-home mom started her own blog where she shared snippets of her life. Her blog has gained a tremendous following through the years and soon enough her blog branched out to other areas influenced largely by feedback. Using her experience, Martine shared with other moms in an afternoon of pampering at Nail It at Vertis  North her tips and expertise on Social Media and Small Business Branding last July 23, 2017.




Creating A Personal Brand

“Personal Branding is who you are and how people perceive you. It is basically just being you,” Martine said. “When we think of branding. we sometimes box it into something official or business-like but you never see yourself as a brand.”

It is interesting to note that social media has made everyone a brand by virtue of a website. Martine shared that the now defunct Friendster has changed the game by making everyone a profile. “What you post like photos with captions, the things you like and comment on, even your preferences – all these tell people who you are and that is your brand.”


1. Build Relationship

Martine raised an important point that we tend to forget and that is people are in social media are there to connect, to be entertained and not to be sold to. The human brain wants to be spoken to and not to be sold to. In fact, the brain filters out 80% of things that it is being sold to.

How then do we sell? “By making your brand human and being a person first. Be a conversationalist. You have to be talking more than you are selling,” Martine said. Connection will build relationships. Once there is a relationship, trust will be established and people would then act on that trust and make a decision whether or not to buy from you.”

2.  Know your platform.

Instagram is the millennial’s choice of platform while Twitter is preferred more by the working urbanites. As for Facebook, the trend shows that it is where majority of senior citizens actively engage in.

It is crucial to know the platform of your intended audience to effectively promote and market your goods and services.

3. Give Back

If your business is doing good, Martine suggested to entertain and soft sell. This is the time to put a temporary halt on too much plugging.

Martine has stressed the importance of being able to be on top of the game what with the social media evolving and being a game changer. These can be achieved by being one step forward and thinking ahead. “Social media can get you only as far.” One important tactic she shared is by creating your own website and not just relying on your social media accounts. We all know what happened to Multiply. It ceased to operate when it decided to no longer be a market place anymore as it was not created initially to serve that purpose. And the likelihood of that happening to Instagram is not a remote possibility.


Crafting Facebool and Instagram Posts

Martine also shared tips on how to craft a good Facebook post where the more visually appealing a photo is, the more engagement it will garner. With so many available tools and apps in the market, it shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with good photos.

In taking Instagram photos, natural light works best and be sure to use a lot of negative space. “Share moments not items. Drag people to where you’re in. Involve them,” Martine advised.



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In this online world, there is much emphasis on personal branding. Building an online presence while being human is crucial in making your small brand thrive and make it even bigger.

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