My August Reading List

booksBefore I get into something unfamiliar, I always do my research and read extensively on the subject so I can make informed choices. Whether it is a new restaurant on the block to something more complicated like going through an IVF procedure which we did to have a baby but was unsuccessful, I get my hands on whatever available resources out there whether online or from a book stand.

The moment I learned that I am carrying a child conceived through natural means, I was so happy not only because I can retire my how-to-get-pregnant books and put a stop to reading infertility articles on the net but I am finally growing a tiny human inside me.

Right after getting my ultrasound print outs, I went to the bookstore and got myself a What To Expect When You’re Expecting book which have served me well. Now that Riri is a toddler, my reading choices have kept up with her, too.

They say nothing can prepare you for motherhood but arming myself with knowledge and advice from the experts can spell a world of difference because raising a child in this day and age is by no means a walk in the park. And I’m sure a lot of mom would agree.

These four books are currently on my reading list. Three of which are from the same best selling author, Dr. James Dobson, who is a renowned child counselor and psychologist.

Before I knew about, “Bringing Up Girls,” I always thought that you can raise a boy and a girl the same way. Reading this book has erased my preconceived notion of this. This book lets you in on how boys and girls are wired differently – their DNA is different. Thus, they should be raised without using a cookie-cutter approach. It is interesting to know that baby girls are more attuned to faces, touch, voices and even smell compared to baby boys. Girls are more likely to be more expressive and emotional than most boys almost from birth. They will respond to subtle cues in her environment that boys are likely to miss. There is a scientific explanation for this as provided in the book.

Dr. Dobson observed that girls of today’s generation are under enormous pressures. “Today’s little girls are being enticed to grow up too fast and are encountering challenges for which they are totally unprepared.” Exposing Riri to role models while she’s still young would help in keeping her on the right track. We are not lacking when it comes to role models, we just need to expose them to the right crowd. It also starts with me being a role model as a mom.

The dads play an equally important role – how they treat their daughters would reflect on the kind of relationship they will seek and want to be in in the future. Girls who have good fathers will grow up secure, confident, happy and healthy. In the same way, boys need exposure to a loving father or a father figure who will serve as a role model for masculinity. They still would need their mom’s affirmation, too. Dr. Dobson has also written a book for boys titled, “Bringing Up Boys.”

The book is broken down into chapters making it easy to digest. There’s a chapter on Puberty and Adolescence, Role of Fathers, Protecting Your Daughters from Invasive Technology and a lot more.

The other three books, I have yet to start on. All these books were purchased from Booksale at SM Megamall at 150 pesos each.

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