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On clogged ducts and nipple confusion

Three months post partum, I had a breastfeeding lactation consultant come visit me at home to check on me and Riri if she’s properly-latching.

Through a breast massage, she was able to clear the blocked milk ducts which were a result of my pumping. Within minutes, milk were oozing out out from new nipple pores. From 2 open nipple pores per breast, it became 5. Amazing what a breast massage can do!

Ate Rhea, who was part of the Arugaan Breastfeeding Center and Creche, a haven for mothers seeking breastfeeding support and a daycare center for babies also taught me how to do simple massages myself to help with the milk let-down.

In this photo, she taught me how to cup-feed Riri using a wide-mouth shot glass the size of which is just perfect for the baby’s mouth.
Riri was a quick learner for she finished my hand-expressed milk without difficulty through the cup-feeding method. Cup feeding is encouraged to avoid nipple confusion. Nipple confusion may happen when a baby has learned how to suck on a bottle which would then lead to struggles to adjust to sucking from the breast.


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