Random Thoughts

On Attachment Parenting

People who have seen how Riri is to me when we’re out would probably say how clingy this baby is that she doesn’t want anyone else but me which made me think how on earth did she end up like this. Is there something wrong on how I’ve been raising her or if there is any that I could change in my parenting style that can make her be more independent and less needy of me?

Enter the term, Attachment Parenting where it explains the bond of a mother to her child so intimate that they know how to already take on each other’s subtle cues. Extended breastfeeding, baby wearing and co-sleeping,  all three which I’ve believed in and still doing have contributed to this attachment parenting concept. It is only natural that Riri is as clingy as she is now but pretty soon she will learn to be independent when she is more confident and secure of the world around her. Reading about attachment parenting made me more aware that I’m doing fine as a mom and is helping raise Riri to be emotionally-ready when the time comes.

Experts defined attachment parenting as an approach to childrearing that promotes a secure attachment bond between parents and their children.  A person with a secure attachment is generally able to respond to stress in healthy ways and establish more meaningful and close relationships more often; a person with an insecure attachment style may be more susceptible to stress and less healthy relationships. A greater number of insecurely attached individuals are at risk for more serious mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

So Riri can be clingy all day, everyday and I wouldn’t have to worry about it being unhealthy and all that.


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