Eyebrows On Fleek at The Momma Club x Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Workshop

Eyebrows On Fleek. Don’t you get to see one too many of these Instagram posts with this caption? This just goes to show that perfectly-groomed, filled, and shaped eyebrows is becoming the beauty obsession of this generation.

Never had there been much spotlight on the eyebrows as it is now – out with the old thin, wispy-looking brows and in with the new trend of having fuller, thicker brows.

Did you know that the eyebrows when shaped correctly can do wonders to your face? It is an inexpensive way to make you look younger. With the right brow makeup, you won’t be needing a fully-made up face – you can just get away with a cheek tint or blush and a lippie or gloss! This is perfect for those moms who do their makeup in less than 10 minutes.

How does one achieve this, then? Celina Fernandez, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ National Brow Artist showed us how during yesterday’s The Momma Club x Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at their boutique at Robinson’s Magnolia. Over doughnuts and refreshments, mommas were able to take a break from their usual Sunday morning routine to learn about makeup techniques and try the latest products from Benefit Cosmetics.

Celina shared a study on the role of eyebrows in face recognition where volunteers were asked to identify faces of popular figures whose eyebrows and eyes were digitally erased for that purpose. It turns out that when the eyes were removed, the volunteers can recognize them nearly 60 percent of the time. Meanwhile, volunteers were able to recognize the subjects without their eyebrows about 46 percent of the time. There’s no denying that the eyebrows is as important as the eyes.

To know if your eyebrows is accentuating your face shape, Celina taught us how to do the brow mapping where you need to identify the 3 points in your brows – the start, the arch and the end. Marking where your brow will start will help you achieve a slimming effect for the nose and it helps in balancing the eyes. The arch is the highest point where it gives you an instant eye lift as if you went in for a non-invasive face lift. It also accentuates the cheek bones. And lastly, the end of the brow is for giving your face proportion and length.

brow mapping.jpg
Photo grabbed from Benefit Cosmetics

Celina shared tips on doing your brows after the mapping is done. “When filling the brows with a liner or a similar eyebrow product, start from the area where it is sparse which is usually from arch to end.”

Momma Nish asked about which is the right shade to use for the eye brows to which Celina has replied, “make sure you’re using the right shade which is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair color. Going too light would make you apply more than the usual amount which will be costly.”


Celina also emphasized the importance of having a well-rested face prior to makeup application. “The products that you put on will stay put and last longer  and will not slip away.” She added, “if it can’t be avoided, the trick to dealing with stressed skin is rolling some ice cubes on to the face.

Celina then went on to do the actual makeup demonstration with Mommy Angie as her model where she showed us the step-by-step makeup application starting from the moisturizer to prep the skin; to the serum to help set it; down to the highlighting part.


After the makeup demo, we were then left on our own to apply (literally and figuratively) what we learn from that session. We were all like giggly girls trying on the makeup from Benefit. As if the day couldn’t get any better, we were also given a voucher to purchase something from the store.

Don’t you just love the pretty packaging and witty  names that Benefit cosmetics are known for?


Momma Jay with Momma Nicole
Doughnuts and makeup? Yes, please!


Momma Hilda doing Momma Angie’s other brow


Benefit Cosmetics also has brow waxing services. Here is Momma Liz having a go at it.
With Mommy Annie, Nish, Rich, Pritzi and Thea
With Mommy Jan, Thea and Nicole
With Mommy Pritzi, Nish, Thea, Rich, Annie, Roselle and Jay
Momma Angel who made lovely bracelets for everyone. Here she is sharing her story and business ventures.


Follow @beadsoflola. Mommas get to bring home these beauties.
Don’t we all need one of this? Mommas get to take this home, too.


Momma Pritzi showing her Benefit Cosmetics makeup stash. Certified Benebaby!
Momma Nish twinning with cutie year-old Ysha
Momma Liz getting all playful inside the pretty pink booth.


This is what I got from using the voucher. Score!
I won these in the giveaway. Thanks Pigeon PH and Momma Jay! We are always in need of baby wipes.

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