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Apicuria Natural Throat Soother : Spraying Your Way To Wellness

For someone who resorts to natural remedies for minor ailments, using the Apicuria Oral Spray feels like doing exactly that except that it is more convenient as the formulation is contained in a small, 12 ml spray plastic bottle which means no mess, no spills and no wastage.

Receiving this product for me to test came at a right time as the rainy season is here. At the onset of a scratchy and itchy throat, I just spray around 2 to 3 pumps directly to the affected area and I get instant relief.

For the longest time, gargling saline solution (which is a mixture of warm water and salt) has been my usual go-to routine in relieving a sore throat, canker sores (singaw) and any mouth-related irritation. Gargling water with salt though sounds like a tedious and unpleasant experience now when compared to using the spray which provides the same result. No more stingy, salty after feel. The taste of honey is a welcome development. I’m happy this product is now around now that I have a child who can benefit from it.

It is a good thing, too that Apicuria sent me not just one but 2 spray bottles. I will be reserving the other one for the Singapore trip next month. The slight change in weather (as Singapore is typically hot having lived there for the past 7 years) and being exposed to the cabin air for a good 3 hours during the flight may take a toll on my well-being. This product would help me combat the onset of cough or any throat-related irritation.

The Apicuria oral spray contains honey, propolis and herbs. I love products with honey because of its antibacterial properties. The ingredients from the label reads: Harlika Pure Honey, Propolis, Licorice extract, Marshmallow Root, Mentha Arvensis Oil, Perilla seed extract, Calamansi (Vitamin C). It is made by The BeEmpire Inc. which advocates beekeeping as a sustainable livelihood. Beekeeping can then allow income generation through products made by bees such as honey, wax, royal jelly and propolis. By building a community of beekeepers, this social enterprise aspires to create a commercial value chain that produces a line of high quality bee products. Moreover, the BeEmpire Inc. is part of the social innovation movement of the GK Enchanted Farm.

The product got its name from API (theraphy) which highlights the use of bee products such as honey and propolis for different ailments which dates back from the ancient civilization and now being used by modern medicine.

This wonder product retails at 299 pesos. It comes in a neat-looking packaging with its box shaped like a honeycomb. You may get them at Human Nature online and physical stores. You can also send an inquiry through their IG account @apicuria.

The 12 ml spray plastic bottle fits perfectly in my hand and very convenient to bring just about anywhere.

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