Mom’s Day Out by Sun Life PH

As moms, we wear so many hats, juggle so many things and even multi-task. We tend to give so much and that’s why it is right to look after our own selves without feeling any guilt about it.

The recent Mom’s Day Out event by Sun Life PH held at I’m Hotel in Makati last July 1, 2017 served as a reminder that in order for us to take care of others, we should be proactive in taking care of our selves, too.

The event kicked off with welcoming remarks from Sun Life PH officers which was then followed by Michelle Alignay’s enlightening talk on finding balance and harmony in motherhood. Having 12 years of experience in guidance counselling and being a family life specialist, Michelle knows too well the dangers of spreading yourself too thin because of meeting the expectations of everyone.  She made us realize that with self-care, you ensure that everyone gets taken care of. She added, “how can you give if you are empty?”

Among the advices that she gave that afternoon were:

Learn to pause during emotional highs.
Ditch the guilt.
Choose to love more.
Be silly with the kids.
We are a spouse first before we became moms hence we need to look after our husbands, too.

The next speaker, Camille Reyes who is the Unit Manager and Financial Advisor of Sun Life PH talked about managing finances and securing the future. She gave tips on building an education fund and at the same time finding the right investment vehicle that can best beat inflation.

Moms were in for a treat afterwards as they get to be pampered with a massage at the hotel’s I’M Onsen Spa. It didn’t end there as a dinner buffet was waiting for them right after. Raffle prizes and giveaways were given out during the event, too.

Sun Life PH will be having another run on the 15th of July 2017. To join, you may email Harrvie Monroyo at

Ongoing registration
Functional and neat-looking loot bag designed by @goodbagph


Michelle Alignay, MA, Registered Guidance Counselor and Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist, made us all feel good about ourselves that afternoon.


Camille Reyes gave a talk on how we can secure a bright future for our kids by building an educational plan.


With new momma friends while waiting for our massage
The contents of the loot bag


Ending it all with a dinner buffet


4 thoughts on “Mom’s Day Out by Sun Life PH

  1. Hi Kim, the loot bag is something else indeed. The one who was assigned to curate the products which will go inside the loot bag has good taste. I enjoy everything on the program, too. I slept like a baby that night after being so relaxed with the massage. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Hi Rachelle, glad to meet you at the event. 🙂 The Messy Bessy body spray in the loot bag is spleeendid! I love that they put in so many teas in the bag, being a tea enthusiast. And the brow serum is love.

    Liked by 1 person

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