Product Review

Product Review: Sacred Newborn Cleanser


I have atopic dermatitis and in constant worry that I may have passed it on (genetically) to my baby. She did have some dry skin patches on the tummy area which showed up within the first few months but it is too little an evidence to suggest that it is atopic dermatitis (no need to worry as the pedia validated). But still, I can be quite the OA momma when it comes to the products I apply on my baby. Truth be told, I use baby skincare products myself until now because I have sensitive skin and would even test the products before Riri could actually use it.

This explained my rather meticulous search for the best baby skincare products available in the market. But even before I get to that part, being a first time mom who is as curious as I was excited, I hoarded a lot of baby products when I was still expecting (blame it on the hormones) before I can narrow down the list. I’ve learned a little too late that not all baby products being marketed as gentle, organic even, are true to their claim.

Sacred Newborn cleanser came in at the right time during the last leg of my pregnancy. Their advocacy was to keep it simple for the first six months of life as the cleanser does not contain scents/fragrances, irritating acids and chemicals such as methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, and all forms of parabens. I was introduced to this product when I attended a How to Care for Newborn seminar. I also got to know about the harmful ingredients commonly found in baby products which are below:

1. Fragrance
Who can resist that sweet baby smell, right? But did you know that fragrance is linked to allergies, skin irritation and eczema. It can be toxic to various organs in the body. You are therefore warned. There are products which use fragrance to mask other dangerous chemicals that they have.

2. Phthalates and Parabens
These chemicals are used as preservatives. Aside from these two,  DEP, DBP, DEHP and ingredients ending in paraben eg methylparaben, propylparaben should also be avoided.

3. Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde is also a  preservative added to water-based products to prevent molds from forming. Though baby skin care products contain low levels of formaldehyde, it is important to know that if your baby has sensitive skin, products containing even small amounts of formaldehyde may irritate it.

4. Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate
It is a synthetic detergent and surfactant which creates lather or bubbles.

5. PEGs
They are also potentially carcinogenic.

True enough, Sacred Newborn cleanser stayed true to their claim. I have entrusted my baby’s skin not only for the first 6 crucial months of her life where the skin is in its earliest form of development but even beyond that. My daughter didn’t have any rashes, cradle cap or any skin irritation. During bath time, I need not worry too much if the product gets in her eyes for I know that it was formulated to be gentle.

I intend to keep it simple for my baby which was the same advocacy of the maker and as to why this product came about. Sacred Newborn cleanser is being sold at 399 php at the Parenting Emporium. You can also get it online from and


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