Product Review

Product Review: Aller Plasma Toy Sterilizer

How do you clean and or sanitize your baby’s things that can’t get wet? And even if you can wipe them dry with a wet wipe or a cloth, think about the amount of wet wipes you’ll use (not environment-friendly)  and how time-consuming the process is. Will that be even enough to remove the germs and bacteria?

Keeping toys and other things clean which are always in contact with your child’s hands and mouth is important in ensuring your child’s health. It is a way of reducing the chances of getting illnesses and diseases brought about by germs and viruses. Did you know that toys (the same with other stuff) can harbor viruses for hours?

And this is why I didn’t need much convincing to buy the Aller Plasma toy sterilizer which I purchased last May from IG @allerplasmasterilizer where it was sold at a discount because of their mother’s day promo. It is a toy sterilizer alright but it can effectively sterilize other things such as: mobile phones, makeup and makeup brushes, books, shoes, pillows, electronic toys, wooden toys, etc.

Moreover, it is a relief to know that this product uses plasma (ionized gas) which makes sterilization a non-toxic process and at room temperature at that. Also, the process does not use any heat, water, chemicals which makes it safe to use for any type of material.

I usually do the sterilization process twice a week depending on how frequent my child plays with her toys. It only takes less than 15 minutes to complete and would automatically shut off once done. It only consumes 3W of power as per the box specification.

When not in use, the box doubles as a toy storage. I can easily maneuver it around the house as it is lightweight (less than 5kg with a 20.5” x 16.5” x 16” dimension) and made of polypropylene which is a durable plastic.

Now, I don’t need to grab the toys from my baby’s hand whenever she puts them in her mouth.


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