Learning Through Play with Gymboree Play and Music Class

Going down the slide, climbing up the walls, crawling her way out inside the tunnel, catching bubbles and watching them pop were the activities Rhianne got to experience during the Gymboree play and music class which was a one of the free activities during the recently-concluded Momzilla PH fair held last June 3-4, 2017 at the Century City Mall in Makati.

The said class was well-attended by babies, toddlers, yayas and parents. Rhianne for the first time got to interact with babies her age and with older kids as well in this kind of setup.

The Gymboree “parachute” class started with babies and kids going down the slides where each one excitedly yet patiently waited for their turn. The babies were of course, assisted. It was then followed by the crawling through the tunnel. When it was Rhianne’s turn, halfway through the tunnel, she stopped and refused to budge and I have to get her out myself.

After the play comes the music part where everyone enjoyed the action songs. Imagine her delight when the teacher sung a song Rhianne knows too well. Even the older kids didn’t miss a beat singing the well-loved The Wheels On The Bus song. Gymbo, the clown stuffed toy joined in the fun, too.

During the bubble blowing part,  Rhianne’s eyes grew wide with amusement when some bubbles reached her then rested on her hand. To my surprise, she stuck out her tongue to lick them. The teacher who have read my mind was quick to reassure me that their bubbles are made out of sugar and there’s no need to worry as they’re edible.  And yes, they also sell these in all their branches.

When I’ve learned about the benefits of learning through play, attending this class has further reinforced my belief – playing is what kids do and is a natural way in which they learn and develop relationships with others. Play allows children to develop social skills, imagination, motor skills, etc. Children loves to play and the best way to prepare them for their adult life is to give them what they need as children which includes providing opportunities for play.

Our weekends would definitely be busy attending Gymboree classes.

You may check out Momzilla PH on Facebook and Gymboree Play and Music PH at http://www.gymboree-ph.com/.


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